Alfa set

Alfa furniture collection is a combination of modernity, originality and unusual quality expressed by minimalistic shapes, expressive colour scheme, elegance and innovative form. Splendid quality of presented furniture guarantees not only their unique, phenomenal design, but also long-term durability. Their presence in stylised space will completely change its arrangement and introduce unusual freshness into house’s interior proving that this piece of furniture can have a function greater than just utility and can became an exceptional decoration.

Designer was inspired by combination of modernity with renaissance. Simple shapes, juxtaposition of square and rectangle, gloss, non-handle doors’ opening refers to modern times, while the legs emphasise the renaissance era. Altogether creates outstanding Vintage style.

The cabinets can be freely composed in order to create unique interior. Furniture occurs in both hanging and legs versions.

Furniture’s corps is snow-white, fronts are gloss white and you can choose the coloration of the fronts from the following: black gloss, colon walnut – in synchronic 3D structure that perfectly imitates the wood’s texture.

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